Water and Waste

Mavis Afua Amponsah

Mavis Afua Amponsah, Field Manager

Mavis is a trained Economist and Computer Scientist with over 10 years experience in Software Programming, Field and Data Management & Analysis, Project Management and Human resource. Her specialty spans across developing data entry interfaces, as well as designing computer assisted interview (CAPI) software using Epidata, Cspro, Blaise, ODK and SurveyCTO. Mavis designed the CAPI software for MGCUBED, EPAME project and the Ghana Water and Waste project using SurveyCTO. She has experience programming in C++, Java, SQL and strong in designing websites.

Mavis has worked on several projects with reputable organisations such as the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA), the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), Ghana Energy Commission, Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA), Mathematical Policy research and the Institute of Fiscal Studies, among others. Her work experience includes working on leading projects in Ghana, La Cote D’voire, Kenya, Philippines, Sierra Leone, and South Africa.

Mavis is particularly talented in managing people and generating meaningful insight from data to support policies and management decisions. She works well across the broad spectrum of public and private institutions, profit and non-profit organisations.

Mavis worked as the Field Manager on the Water and Waste project where her role was to design the SurveyCTO instruments for the field, manage the field team and clean and archive the field datasets.